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$570,000                Evolution Kit Contents

•    Evolution Airframe Kit

Pre-molded Carbon Composite Airframe Components
Precut Windshield and Windows
Firewall Insulation Blanket
Complete Landing Gear and Hydraulic Retract Systems
Wheels, Brakes and Tires
Rudder Control/Steering/Braking Systems
Aileron/Elevator/Control Stick Systems
Flap Control System
Elevator and Aileron Trim Systems
Fuel System/Fuel Probes
Airframe Wiring Harness (mates to Lancair G900X Panel)
Throttle Quadrant
Seats and Inertial Reel Front Seat Belts, Rear Belts
Interior Closeout Panels
Overhead Closeout and Switch Panels
Pressurization System
Environmental - Heating/Air Conditioning System
Pitot Static System (Heated Pitot)
Lights, Antennas, Static Wicks
Emergency Oxygen
All Necessary Airframe Hardware, Tubing, and Hoses

•    EFC900X Avionics Suite and Panel(included)

Garmin G900x Integrated MFD & PFD System
Garmin GFC7X Integrated Auto Pilot, Flight Director
Yaw Damper and all Servos 

Garmin Engine Monitoring and 1347 Audio Panel
G900 Synthetic Vision Software
Garmin GDL69A XM Weather Receiver
Garmin GTS 800 Traffic System
Garmin Software SD Data Card Chart View
L3 Trilogy Electronic Standby Instrument                                                   

Electric Elevator and Aileron Trim
CO Guardian Carbon Monoxide Detector Remote Mount
Lancair Avionics Environmental and Secondary Electrical Touch Screen Control
Precision Vertical Card Compass Panel Mount
Landing Gear Indicator, Kannad ME406 AF Integra ELT with Nav Interface
Custom Lancair Avionics Wiring Harnesses (Mates to Airframe Harness)
Panel is complete; tested, ready to install and plug in to airframe harness. 


•    Factory Builder’s Assist Package (included, no additional charge)

Two Consecutive Weeks working at Lancair with Factory Mentors to help you get your kit ready for final completion.

•    HPAT Training and Inspection Package (included, no additional charge)

Pre First-Flight Inspection
Initial Test Flight
Three Days Initial Training
One Day One Year Recurrent Training

Firewall Forward Components
(priced separately from airframe kit)

•    Engine  (of choice)

Engine; Pratt & Whitney PT6-135A

Engine Pricing:

New PT6-135A    $510,000.00

•    Propeller

Hartzell Propeller and Spinner  $33,900

•    Engine specific “fast build” kit (PT6A-135A)

All engine accessories needed for flight*,
engine mount, isolators, all inlet and exhaust systems,
all engine baffling, all hoses, tubing, wiring and hardware   $86,000

*Remanufactured parts, new quoted on request

Download Evolution Pricing Brochure pdf